UN-guilty pleasures

I give all credit to Bevin's post for this idea, but it was genius.

We all have guilty pleasures. By definition*, it's something you shouldn't like, but like anyway. I'm sure this will send shock and awe through all three of my readers**, but here on Gofahne Road I don't really care much about the "should and should not" likes that are accepted or "normal". I yam what I yam, I like what I like, and I'll probably talk your ear off for an hour defending it without a single fact and LOTS of self justification if you let me. However, the little idiosyncrasies that make me, well me…are nothing short of hilarious.

So for your random reading enjoyment, here is a "short" list of those UN-guilty pleasures of mine. Shake your head, roll your eyes, or thank your lucky stars there is only one of me. There just isn't room enough for two of me on this planet or any other.
  • Lists – I don't kind of like lists. I LOVE them. I love organizing anything into bullet points and the cheap thrill of checking off something from the "to do" to the DONE list. The amount of happiness I get from this little accomplishment is easily deserving of a therapy session or twelve.
  • The Snuggie – Take my word from experience…don't rag on anyone until you try it. I did and then I got giddy like a school girl the moment I was wrapped up in one for football watching. Commence non-stop barrage of comments reminding me of my previous opinion. I immediately purchased my own and there are few things I'm willing to list as more fun than "time in snuggie" now.
  • The Big Bang Theory – Not the ACTUAL theory, the television show. If you haven't watched this gem yet, DO IT. It's a very new development in my life, but it now falls firmly in the things I adore category. I watched all three seasons in one weekend.
  • Animated Movies – Pretty much every.single.one. I don't have kids. I'm a grown adult and I will watch Bolt multiple times in a week. I'd love to spend more time with my niece and nephews so I wouldn't feel like a fool for knowing almost every line to Madagascar. Even then, I own more Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks than I could ever pass off as "oh, the sweet little ones just left those here". And dammit if Cars doesn't make me cry every time Lightning McQueen, Mater and Doc bond at the end of the movie.
  • Dancing (interchangeable with skating, but ice hurts a lot more as you get older) – Yeah, yeah…dancing itself is not a guilty pleasure. Lots of peeps love to dance. But it was pointed out to me this week that I like to overanalyze things to a degree that would make Jerry Springer directors tired. Yet when I'm on the dance floor you wouldn't know I had a care in the world. Reckless abandon, no shame, and busting out every move to "Beat It" could be the moment I would die for.
  • Kate Voegele, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, Glee, and Miley Cyrus – also known as musicians I hate to admit I listen to all day long at work. These peeps can take my day from mediocre to incredible in a few crescendos. If you don't know them or you are already judging me, I don't blame you. I blame Pandora. Select Glee as your music station and start bopping your head. That's how I found the first two and started an accidental love affair with all of them. Just to add to my shame KV is from One Tree Hill. A show I REFUSE to watch.
  • Acronyms – No misleading or double meaning on this one. Acronyms, words formed from the initial letters of several words, make me happy as a clam (Are clams extraordinarily happy or something? To be googled another day). Gofahne? Acronym. FAB, name of our bi-monthly girls' night out? Acronym. It's like having some sort of secret code or pig latin. No actual code or language, no importance of any kind, and yet I feel like a genius with every new word or almost word.
  • Mark Wahlberg – Yes, Marky Mark. Make your jokes. Pants dropping or Departed/Four Brothers bad ace, I am in love. Of course he's easy on the eyes, but it's in the shoulders ladies and gents. Strong shoulders on a man = HOT. I will watch every movie he makes from now until my student movie discount turns to senior appreciation cheap.

That's it (for today) kids. The dirty little secrets that I'm just not ashamed enough to keep from the internets any longer. Enjoy!

Did you think I wouldn't ask? So….UN-guilty pleasures…got any?

*Thanks urban dictionary, what would I do without your simple and typically useless explanations?
**This is modesty, not in any way ungrateful…I'm genuinely shocked that anyone reads this little blog.


Graygrrrl said...
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Graygrrrl said...

Thanks for the shout out lady!!

Big Bang Theory is one, if not the, funniest shows on TV. I fall off the couch laughing every week!

Shannon said...

What the hell? Where we separated at birth? I could have written this list myself. Like, all of it. I write "write a to-do list" on my to-do list, it's that bad. Oh, and shall I go into detail about the VHS collection of Disney movies and the like that I own? It's scary.

Gofahne said...

Graygrrrl - You got it. Thanks for the idea!

Shannon - That's amazing. No joke? I probably have 50 VHS tapes, mostly Disney, all sitting in the bottom drawer of my airmore for no reason except LOVE and I won't get rid of them. We may actually be twins. I may have to change that, not enough room for two of us on one planet statement!

cavy said...

oh my god, the big bang theory is BRILLIANT. and miley cyrus is something i'm proud to blare from my speakers, complete with the windows down and me belting out party in the usa. sure, people stare, but NO SHAME!

flipflopsintherain said...

I'm wearing my Snuggie and listening to a One Tree Hill soundtrack right now... whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Gofahne said...

Live it up flip flops. No judgement!!!

Anonymous said...

UN-Guilty Pleasures? Watching the Miley and Mandy show on Youtube. And the fact that I wear an "It's All Good" Miley and Mandy bracelet. Watching Christmas movies year round. And eating Skittles for breakfast :)

Gofahne said...

I've LOVED reading that I'm not the only one proud of these little pleasures. You all are awesome!!

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