You can’t call it history if we’re still doing it.

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The past is supposed to teach us to be better in the future. Learn from your mistakes, we're told. Grow, we hear all the time. But who exactly is the "we" in that statement? Today a group of us have joined together to stand up for reproductive rights and issues. Lately women's rights have taken a beating. In all honesty, they've probably taken a beating for much longer than "lately" and I've just been too ignorant to the information until now. I've got to be honest. I do NOT understand it.

I'm sure you've all heard this little gem before, "Those who can't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

I want you to think about the direction we're moving in reproductive rights and not argue with me about abortion. I think you're right to an opinion is just as important as mine, but how do any of the issues below move us forward?

The argument behind all abortion is supposedly the sanctity of life vs a person's right to their own body. Yet these statistics (yes, I know you can make statistics out of everything) disturb me tremendously:

I am religious/spiritual/believe there is a power greater than me. I also believe He/She/It is shaking His/Her/It's head at us on a daily basis for the decisions we make in the name of "sanctifying life". When do these judgments apply across the board? Which "life" do you pick and judge? Lie to a high school girl to make her keep the baby, but then essentially make her a leper in the hallways through popularity contests centered around the "celibate" girls. Force a woman to sit through our judgment and keep the child, then blame her when she does not give the baby the attention every child deserves because it WASN'T her decision in the first place. 

Life IS precious. So is the freedom of CHOICE. I don't have to agree with someone's choice to fight for it or defend it. Give them ALL the facts. ALL the options. Then let them decide. If there is some great punishment at the end of this life by a creator, let Him/Her/It decide. Or let things come as they may. Life has a way of working out no matter what we do. We don't change the outcome. Women will have abortions whether we make new RIDICULOUS laws or not. Children will suffer more by coming into an unwanted life than the alternative. 

Choice is progress. We've got to do something together to stop people from taking away choices. Until it's YOUR life, kindly stay out of it.


Evening Sketches said...

I think our topics go very well together, especially the emphasis on choice.

When I first realized that I was free to choose and allowed to be informed about my own body and sexuality, I felt alive. That may sound strange, but I really did feel like my body was finally my own, not for someone else's design or purpose. I could move and breath and celebrate who I was without limitations or expectations.

I swear my head exploded when I realized that it was ludicrous for the government to decide what I could and could not do with my body. If only our legislating bodies truly believed in choice of all people, regardless of religion, culture, or sex.

Meg said...

Your comments of the leper-like status of girls convinced to continue their pregnancies, and neglect of children is exactly why I support the right to choose! You, however, state it a LOT more eloquently than I could!

Anonymous said...

You're not going to like this, and I still love you, but I couldn't disagree more. It might not be my life, but it's not the expectant mother's life, either. The life is that of the unborn child's, alone. The gift of free will, choice, does not supercede the gift of life. The burden lies with those among us who can, to stand up for those who cannot.


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