Couldda, Wouldda, Shouldda...Did!

Welcome to my world.

Yes, I’ve talked about starting my own blog for a month now. Yes, I looked at Twitter today to find out just how long ago I agreed to write this thing and efficiently wasted an hour reading other posts without remembering to find the date. Yes, I felt this would be a magical first blog post (as in, the genius “powers that be” would find my blog in the haystack, publish me, and I would become instantly famous…and I would totally have sycophants, and I would NEVER take advantage of my new found fame because THAT is just how awesome I am). And, Welcome to my world IS the best opening line I could muster. Hush.

So, let’s try this…Welcome to Gofahne Road.

It’s basically Wisteria Lane, without all the whorish behavior and murder. Maybe. At least not the murder.

Basically, this post is an experiment in my friendships. Lately, my amazing friends (which you will hear about endlessly, they are non-stop blog fodder, get used to it) have decided to ALL hold me accountable for my shiz. I make a comment like, “Wow, I love your blog. I’ve always wanted to write one .” They say, “Quit being an ass and just write it.” Or, “Wow, I can’t believe how cute that guy is. He practically jumped out of my dream man, I never expected book.” To which they say, “Quit being an ass and go talk to him…or I will.” I did mention they were amazing right? Ok, good. Anyway, it’s time to stop talking about all the genius things I couldda, shouldda, wouldda done if I had the time, guts, or ability to stop making excuses for the reasons I’m afraid to try.

So here goes! I’m Gofahne. I feel that being random, klutzy (no really, all I do anymore is fall), making fun of myself, doing/trying anything at least once, and being pretty great at telling a story ARE in fact some of my finest traits. I’m a young lady in the $30k millionaire capital of the U.S., also known as Dallas and I love it. We may not have the beauty of other cities, but we are a melting pot of fabulous-ness. I’m nearing 30 (with my 10 year HS reunion looming) and I’m tired of ALL of my excuses. I’m single, I’ve never been married, I have no children and it’s time to Nike (you know, Just do it!)*.

I think we get one shot to live this life. We may screw it up royally, but if you do it right, you find a few incredible people that say, “Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.” Or, they might say, “Quit being and ass and…” Either way, if you’re smart, you listen. And, when it fails miserably, you have someone to blame until the end of time. So, Shine, Natalie-tat, JET, JEM and Nads (just to name a few specifically responsible for this post)…I did it, it’s out there, quit asking…and I’m thankful every day for having you in my life!

* I’m sure there is some copyright shiz I should do here, but I don’t know how so let’s all pretend I did, thanks.


Graygrrrl said...

I take offense to that remark about our fair city. How many others have such a distinct and recognizable skyline?? Brownie points for the number of taquiera's littering the roads!
PS- welcome to the fold. About fraking time!

NatalieCottrell said...

It's about dadgum time! Glad you've finally agreed to regale us with your lovely stories in writing. Bring on the quotable great times!!

shine said...

I'm glad you decided to quit being an ass. I'd have hated to have to write and post something on your behalf...lord knows what that might have looked like.

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