How I lost at least 50 lbs last weekend...and the plan to keep shrinking!

Think this is about getting skinny? Well it is! Just a different kind of skinny than you probably assumed, but I guarantee the health benefits are just as important.

Over the next month or so I'm de-cluttering my life. I've hired my friend Diana (by payment in wine and laughs). The woman is AMAZING! Sometime near the end of 2009, we all had a slumber party at her house. I went into full-on house envy the moment I walked in the door. This has happened in pretty much every apartment she's lived in that I visited, but I was more than just in awe. I wanted to feel the way I felt in her home. I wanted to feel like everything had a place. And life, at least in those rooms, was in order. I went home after our little shindig and sat in the apartment I love. I quickly noticed that I felt the weight of the entire space..and it was suffocating. I immediately sent her an email, asked for help, and said "I'll follow anything you say and pay whatever you like, just HELP please!"

Last weekend we finally got our schedules to synch up and made a date to attack my apartment. I will openly tell you that I'm not a domestically organized person. You could just stop at, I'm not domestic. My house is usually picked up (unless my life is in shambles) and I feel my home is inviting, but behind closed doors...I am just an "organized mess".  I'm learning that all the STUFF I have is a representation of how I feel in general. Life swinging out of control = shoes EVERYWHERE. Waking up late, not working out, drama in full effect? I'd be in shock if my laundry was not coming out of my ears. So I took a long hard look at all my clutter this weekend. If this is the representation of my's not pretty.

I threw away 4 bags of useless products and junk. Don't even get me started on the money that represents. Two bags and 3 boxes went to half price or consignment stores for a little cash, 2 bags and a crate went to my mom and one bag went to donate at goodwill. That's 50+ pounds of CRAP from just a closet and my bathroom....GONE. It felt incredible.

Hanging on to everything was just a lazy, indecisive mode I'd snuggled up against. I didn't know how to get rid of the things making me unhappy, so I didn't. I accepted being comfortable rather than making something better, even though I knew there was no longer any benefit. Pretty much like a bad relationship. The what ifs and the crap we deal with just to avoid change are astounding. Well not here! Not any more. We built all the starter systems and organization around what works in my routine. What is normal and functional in my life. We're going to flip my closet, sell some bulky furniture items, create systems that I can actually keep up with, and get some crap out of my life.

I've just started and there is a lot more to go, but I get it now. I understand how good it feels to have a plan and to set aside the time to make your home clutter free. It allows you to see a result and feel lighter with every box and bag that leaves your home. It allows you to LET GO. Not to mention the money it will save in the long run (yanno, like not owning FIFTEEN bottles of sunscreen because you don't realize you keep buying them).

So if you've been looking to de-clutter. If you're holding onto a bunch of stuff and/or looking for a few tips to make life a little simpler, stay tuned. I'm gonna provide pictures and tips and lots of cracks about some of the stupid choices I've made in my life (i.e. I'm pretty sure there was NEVER a time it was okay for me to wear a half top). And feel free to apply this as a metaphor to anything you need to get rid of in your life...I always do!

What do you need to de-clutter in your life?


NatalieCottrell said...

Yay! I learned to steer clear of clutter after years of moving from city to city, if not state to state. Moving lots of crap? NOT COOL. But I'm so glad you've made that initial step. We build really odd relationships to stuff, and it is so liberating to break that spell. As you've stated, it is a lot like letting go of a bad mate: some drama, some tears, lots of wine. Great times. Mwah!

carissajaded said...

I need this woman's number!! I seriously, SERIOUSLY have to declutter my car, my closet, my room, pretty much everything I have. MY LIFE!!! I need some help! I am moving soon and I'm really REALLY hoping to get at least part of the job done in that process.

Shannon said...

It does feel so good to get the "weight" off. I agree with this completely. You have a really great friend to be helping you do this! Can't wait for the pictures and tips!

Graygrrrl said...

Good for you! Next time, invite me over to rummage through your books. They shouldn't go to just anyone!

shine said...

Um, we have discussed. I need Diana, ASAP. And also you. And wine. And laughs. And...well, ya know to get my ass in gear.

Gofahne said...

Nat - I think the fact that I've stayed here so long accounts for A LOT of the clutter. But no more. And yay wine!

Carissa - I'm working on making the girl start a business. I swear she is so good it's ridiculous. Moving always helps me throw away at the very least.

Shannon - I certainly do..and she thinks it's fun. Great friend, slightly crazy...just like I like it!

Bevin - It was about 90% VHS tapes and old textbooks. I think the only other items were book club books I didn't much care for and already have those. But I'll remember if I discard any more.

Shine - I'm working on it. I'll just keep telling her how AMAZING she is at this, but I feel like I might just be able to learn and help. Much, much wine is key!

Surprisingly Bright said...

Wow, I stumbled on your blog and this post really spoke to me. I recently got rid of a lot of dead weight myself, including a going-nowhere relationship. So all I can say go girl!

Jay Ferris said...

There's nothing you can say that will convince me to get rid of my collection of Depression Era celebrity wigs. They're 100% genuine camel hair for crap's sake!

samdotcom said...

Such a perfect example of how our physical environment directly affects how we think, feel and act. Throwing away the junk actually makes us lighter. Pretty awesome. Props, little lady. =)

Patricia Snook said...

Hello! What a sensible clearout! I'm always moving to new places and things, and you find that you really don't need so much stuff!

Okay, I've also had a peepette at your previous posts and you're so utterly awesome! I love this blog so much and I like bourbon and beer nights too, in fact, today I'm recovering from a session with Bulliet Bourbon last night! Oh and you've got a new follower! xoxo

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