A Week in Review…random and useless is in the eye of the beholder

Since my blog reading has now reached an unhealthy level of addiction, I've noticed that key to this whole writing/blogging thing is finding what works for you and consistency. Unfortunately for me, consistency is not something I find abundant in my life. So this is me working on it. The more you write, the more chance you have of writing something that really makes you proud or even better…makes a difference. This is not that post. It is however a written memory of my week and a few of the highlights that happened down my little road of life. It's a random ride and it won't change the world (today), but my life is nothing if not entertaining.

  • I learned that when Ft Worth, TX says Stock Show and Rodeo, they mean that literally. It's not just a venue to hold a concert (which was the point of me going). There WILL be cows and weird things happening to goat's necks as you make your way back to a covered tent in 27 degree weather. And if you think it's a wise decision to leave your coat in the car…you and your "clearly from Dallas" friends will be very easy to spot.
  • I learned that if you post stupid things you do on facebook, you will receive the most comments of anything you ever post.
  • Not everyone wants or needs my advice every second of every day. It is okay to just listen and I plan to do a lot more of it. It's amazing what you can learn if you stop thinking YOU know what's best for everyone else.
  • I'm probably going to jail over Jersey Shore. Since I can't STAND that show or hearing about it constantly and have pledged to cut the next person that talks to me about it, I'm going to start putting aside a little money for bail…just in case.
  • I had a moment of complete and total happiness this week. I walked outside after work one day to the "after the rain smell" that I love. I was going to meet my friends for fun times + alcohol and cheese. And in that moment I realized, I don't know how it happened, but I'm having a bit of a love affair with my life. Then I laughed when I expected that I was one red slipper step away from a house falling on me. I'm a hopeless realist, what can I say.
  • Finding the DVR remote I thought I lost months ago makes for a very, very happy Sunday. It's the little things people.
Finally I'd like to leave you with the gems I found across the internet this week. It's schmoopy soggy blog love for the people that made me laugh or made me a little better this week. This could also save you all from having to hear me say endlessly, "I totally agree! I was reading this blog and it will change your life…here's the link." So basically, I'm doing this for you. Try not to love me.
Well that's it kiddos. My week in a nut shell. Time to look Monday square in the face and probably get a round house kick in the rear because of all the positive in this post.


LiLu said...

Oh, thank you so much! Truth be told, I really was quite proud of that one. ;-)

Gofahne said...

You had every right to be proud. How you can tie awesome and funny together so well I will never understand...I'll just read and enjoy!

carissajaded said...

Aww thanks so much for the shout out!!! And I'm glad I found your blog in return!!

carissajaded said...

Oh and also, I go to ft worth quite often but had my first stock show adventure last year... I don't spend much time in the stockyards, and I was in awe of real cowboys!!! And that after rain smell is just delicious...

Emily Jane said...

"I learned that if you post stupid things you do on facebook, you will receive the most comments of anything you ever post" - and on the blog, too!!

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