Tuesday was like a box of chocolates

I am a planner. If you've known me for five minutes, you're all too aware of this. It's how I roll. However, I've found a mix of overly planned AND sometimes random to be the perfect combination lately. Keeping specific dates or days of the week open to "whatever happens" or (gasp) just to relax.

Yesterday was one of those days. Dreamer and I made plans to meet for java, so I found a cute little coffee house for us to try. It's one of my new goals to be all adventurous and try new places in my city. Y'know, since I've lived here my whole life and all. Plus, I'm almost 30...I'm supposed to be all cultured and shiz. And when a tourist asks me for the best place to grab a cup of joe or where to take pole dancing classes? I'll be their guide. ANYway... we made plans to catch up and chat with all signs pointing toward heading home early. Thankfully the second half of that plan didn't happen quite as early as we planned.

Bascially we would start a conversation about something randomly awesome and the conversation would lead to a, "we should do this" scenario. You do NOT mess with the mojo of random when magic is happening people. So we went from a coffee house to a local bar and played checkers (I use the term "play" loosely as I don't think we made it past 7 moves). Then we took this random Tuesday to a whole new level. The Rockstar Karaoke level. At another bar across town mind you, I didn't say awesome was easy!

Life List # 70? You have officially been crossed the H off!! Now, I'm not exactly a shy person. I have moments where I have to stop being a little chicken crap, but for the most part... if it needs to get done, I'll do it (aside from anything dealing with a boy I like, as I turn into a bumbling one-line fool). Especially when some ace-hole says, "It's scary-okie again. No one has the guts to go first". Cue Gofahne promptly moving her pen from slot 3 to slot 1. Props from random stranger man for having more balls than him? Check. Funny feeling of horror sweeping over me? Check, check. The band (incredible!) performed one song as a mic check. Yeah, thanks guys. Couldn't you please mess up just a little so I don't look like a fool and a half when I get up on stage? No? Alright then! I took the stage with all the fake confidence I could muster and the result of my poorly chosen challenge was FANTASTIC! For about 3 minutes of a shortened "Don't Stop Believin", I OWNED that stage. Even if the two drunks chicks "exploring" their sexuality and my sweet Dreamer were the only ones yelling and dancing. It was a party of 4 and we were rockin!!

It was Tuesday, so why not! I take a lot of pride that my friends love going out with me because you "never know what might happen". Life is just too damn short to live any other way.

Solid new Gofahne advice: Plan to be random!! It's like "Born to be Wild" for the responsibles!


Butterbean said...

you have made me want to move to dallas and be your friend. none of mine are that awesome!

Gofahne said...

Butterbean, you're welcome ANYTIME!

shine said...

And here I thought my evening of rock climbing, Thai food, and drinks with strangers was exciting. You're always one-upping me.

Christie said...

I love occasional spontaneity so if you ever want to go crazy, I will join you (except on the stage). I do not have your balls, haha
I am all for corssing things off my life list. If you think you can tackle any of them, let me know!

NatalieCottrell said...

You are wonderful and brave, my friend. I heart you and admire you, all in one big hot mess ball o' cheese!

Gofahne said...

Shine, I never one up you. THAT would be impossible.

Christie, I'm currently in the process of organizing the lists into do-able categories and you will officially be involved. I didn't really expect it to surpass 80 "I wannas" :)

Natalie, per usual...I heart you back. Thank you love!

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